Currently on Tap

#1   Fool’s Gold 9.1% abv, English Dry, Full Bodied, Complex, Crab Apple.

#2   Jimmy Hoppa 9.1% abv, Dry, Beery, “IPA”, Simcoe Hops, Grapefruit.

#3   Treeo 6.9% abv, Semi Sweet, 3 Apple Varietal Blend.

#4   Cherry Seinfeld 6.1% abv, Semi Dry, Tart Cherry Pie.

#5   Designated Driver Non-alcoholic, Sparkling Blend of Blueberry, Lavender and Lemon.

#6   Cabaret 10.2% abv, Semi Dry, Sparkling Cider Wine, Cabernet Sauvignon, Wickson Crabapple.

#7   Hawaii Five-O 6.9% abv, Semi Sweet, Pineapple, Lychee.

#8   Ginger Rogers 6.8% abv, Semi Sweet, Peruvian Ginger, Eureka Lemon.

#9   Blue Angel 6.2% abv, Semi Sweet, Blueberry, Hint of Lemon.

#10   Love Bug 7.1% abv, Semi Sweet, Passion Fruit.

#11  Mimosa Brunch 6.3% abv, Semi Sweet, Kumquat, Orange Blossom.

#12   Jolly Rancher 6.5% abv, Semi Sweet, Watermelon.

#13   Amazonia 6.8% abv, Semi Dry, Acai Berry.

#14   Thunder & Lightning 12.2% abv, Semi Dry, Bourbon Whisky, Ancho Chili, Jalapeño Pepper.

#15   Enlighten Mint 6.7% abv, Semi Dry, Cucumber, Lime, Mint.

#16   Purple Rain 6.8% abv, Semi Dry, Rhubarb, Plum.